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  • Deluxe™

    Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers
    Electrical & mechanical instruments with classic white-on-black graphics, patented light rings for night-time illumination, white pointers, low-profile stainless steel corrosion-resistant bezels and 12-volt lamps. Marine Deluxe products include brass cases and non-ferrous hardware. Deluxe Metric products include metric-scale dials. 2-5/8” diameter gauges are available.

    This product line is a Stewart Warner original that is ideal for specialty vehicles, on- & off-highway and the street rod & classic car markets. A 6-instrument kit is offered.

  • Wings™

    Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers
    Electrical & mechanical instruments with classic 1940s “retro” styling: whiteon-black or black-on-white English-scale graphic dials with contrasting Wings™ logo and distinctive “teardrop” style pointers. Wings products also feature gleaming bright chrome bezels, domed (convex) lenses and 12-volt lamps.

    These product are ideal for street rods, classic cars, automotive enthusiasts, classic & current trucks. Several 5- and 6-instrument kits are offered.

  • Green Line™

    Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers
    You can’t get more genuine than our original Custom Deluxe™ Green Line™ gauges! Original 1960s dial artwork was used to recreate our most requested line: polished stainless steel stepped bezel, brushed silver center, mechanical gauges have red pointers with silver hub, ammeters even feature the original crescent pointer slot! Gauges are available in 2-1/6” and 2-5/8”, speedos and tachs in 3-3/8” with full dial sweep.

    Products are perfect for muscle cars, and they are the originals. Shelby GTS and Yenkos had them – So can you!

  • Standard™ & Standard Plus™

    Gauges only (no Speedometers or Tachometers)
    Electrical & mechanical instruments with classic white-on-black graphics, white pointers and flat stainless steel corrosion-resistant bezels. Standard Plus™ gauges are available in 1-, 2- & 3-gauge mounting panels with external lighting. Products are ideal for industrial applications, engine powered equipment, power turf equipment & specialty vehicle applications, especially where pricing is a factor.

  • Heavy Duty™

    Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers
    Electrical & mechanical instruments with bold white-on-black graphics, patented light rings for night-time illumination, white pointers, raised black bezels with distinctive bright aluminum rims and 12-volt lamps. These “legacy” products are especially popular with on-and off-highway customers, a classic Stewart Warner offering.

  • Power Series™

    Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers
    Electrical & mechanical instruments with authentic ’60s styling – a refinement of the original SW Custom-Deluxe product line used on Big 3 muscle cars. Available with burgundy, titanium or blue/gray accent colors, Power Series features silver on black graphics with a unique silver insert in the dial, specially designed white & black pointer, chrome SAE step bezel and 12-volt lamps. Units are sold in 5- or 6-gauge kits with senders – or individually.

    These products are perfect for muscle cards and they´re just like the originals. Several 5- and 6-instrument kits are offered in all there colors schemes.

  • Heavy Duty Plus™

    Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers
    Heavy Duty Plus™ instruments feature easy-to-read green & white-on-black English or metric-scale graphics (with SAE or ISO symbols), green-tinted light rings for night-time illumination and low-profile black bezels. These “legacy” products are especially popular with on-and off-highway customers, a classic Stewart Warner offering.

  • Specialty Products

    Instrument Panels, Hand-held Tachometer
    Pre-assembled instrument panels are available in vertical & horizontal configurations, each including illuminated voltmeter, fuel level, water temperature and oil pressure gauges, in water- and dust-resistant, front serviceable housing with snap-on bezels and lenses. The hand-held 4,000- RPM tachometer is 3” diameter and 4” long and used for direct measure on a clockwise or counterclockwise rotating shaft. Two shaft extensions and two rubber tip styles are available.

    This handy array of products is appealing to multiple markets.

  • Hourmeters

    Stewart Warner & Hobbs Hourmeters & Accessories
    83000 Series Stewart Warner DC hourmeters feature Quartz movements for 10-80 VDC applications and units that cosmetically match our Deluxe and Heavy Duty lines. 86000 Series SW LCD hourmeters are sealed severe duty units, designed from the ground-up for reliable performance for 7-56 VDC applications. 85000 Series Hobbs DC hourmeters are UL-recognized, sealed severe duty units, delivering optimum performance for 10-80 VDC applications. 20000 Series Hobbs AC hourmeters are UL-recognized, severe duty units, available in 50 and 60 Hz configurations for 108-132 VAC applications.

    Rugged and reliable, we have an hourmeter for virtually every application that is accurate within ± .02%.

  • Senders, Sensors & Tubing

    Fuel Level, Pressure, RPM, Speed & Temperature Senders & Sensors, Mechanical Tubing and Accessories
    Fuel senders: our thick-film resistors deliver greater accuracy and will perform reliably for more than twenty million cycles. Pressure senders: our thick film pressure senders will last up to five times longer than senders with wire-wound resistors. Temperature senders: corrosion-resistant, outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity, shock and vibration resistant for maximum durability. Speed/RPM sensors: magnetic, Hall Effect and mechanical pickups/tips are available. Tubing: kits for mechanical pressure gauges.

  • Switches

    Featuring Hobbs & Stewart Warner 5000 Series
    Hobbs & Stewart Warner 5000 series pressure switches are available in single or dual circuit configurations, with factory set points from 1 to 100 PSI and operating pressures of 150 PSI for 1-24 PSI set point range and 250 PSI for 25-100 PSI set point range. Outstanding design features durable construction, compact size and enhanced set point integrity. (Stewart Warner 5000 Series part numbers have SW prefix.) Standard SW temperature switches offer excellent accuracy and repeatability, normally open gold-plated contacts and are voltage independent. Standard SW pressure switches are also voltage independent.

    Ideal for extended duty applications, these durable units are designed to operate with air, motor oils, transmission oils, jet fuels and other similar hydrocarbon media. Stewart Warner is the exclusive distributor of Hobbs 5000 series pressure switches.

  • Lighting

    Halogen Lamps & Heavy Duty Flashers
    Rugged, easy-to-install lamps are available in 12 or 24 VDC and 35, 50 or 60 watt configurations with a variety of beam patterns. Flashers have mounting ears and utilize a spring mass motor, which provides up to ten times the service life of conventional thermal flashers. Flashers have forgiving (9-16 & 18-32) DC voltage ranges and exceed SAE J-590B and J-945 specifications. Hobbs means heavy duty!

  • Fuel Pumps

    Fuel Pumps & Service Kit
    12 VDC fuel pumps are offered in ranges of 6-8 PSI and 20-43 GPH (75-162 LPH). A 24 VDC unit is offered with 8 PSI/43 GPH capacities. Units can self-prime (dry lift) more than 120 cm (48”), are reverse-polarity-protected up to 60 minutes, transient-voltage-protected to 100 volts and dry-run-capable up to 4 hours. U.S. Coast Guard 16623-1 and 16623-2 approved European CE standards EN 61000-6-2 and EN 6-3-2100 approved.

    Stewart Warner fuel pumps provide outstanding versatility and durability, compatible with today´s commercially available pumps grade gasoline, ethanol blends (including E85), diesel and bio-diesel.

  • Accessories

    Genuine Stewart Warner
    We are your source for genuine Stewart Warner light kits, mounting panels, 24-to-12-volt voltage adapters, ammeter shunts, and a selection of warning devices (lights and buzzers.)

    Finish the job with genuine Stewart Warner parts!