Sender, Fuel Level


  • Product Number: 439363-D
  • Resistance: 0-90 Ohm
  • Range: For 15.5-24" tank depth
  • Mounting Thread: n/a
  • Hex Size: n/a
  • Terminal: 10-32 stud
  • In Stock: yes

Product Information

• Long term performance – reliably for more than twenty million cycles.
• Adjustable configuration.
• Extended life under fuel sloshing, vibration, and dither conditions from the phosphor bronze wiper with nickel silver contact.
• Superior accuracy created by computer-guided lasers that trim the resistors to exact specifications.
• Corrosion-resistant materials
• Solid Lifecell(TM) float will not sink
• Kit includes black neoprene mounting gasket
• Left-hand Swing Unit : When viewing the bracket plate, with the widely separated holes nearest you, the float arm will swing left if it is a left-hand fuel sender. If there is more room to the left of the tank from the mounting location, use a fuel sender that swings to the left and vice-versa.
NOTE: The sender resistance range must match the resistance range of the mating gauge or cluster.